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Eyes may be the windows to the soul. But anyone who has ever heard Kaisha Lee sing knows that her powerful voice, introspective lyrics and harmonious melodies are the doors to her soul.

Kaisha (also known as Kaysha) was born to create beautiful music. She grew up in Toronto, Canada hearing her dad sing tunes from his native Jamaica. She gravitated to playing the piano when she was barely six years old. Later, during her teen years, she strengthened and nurtured her voice as a member of several gospel choirs and chorales.

Professional Career
Carving out a musical career as a multitalented artist is one way to ensure longevity in a rapidly changing industry. And Kaisha Lee is here to stay. As a young woman, she took her love of gospel music and Negro spirituals on the road with the Nathaniel Dett Chorale. That tour covered numerous stops in Canada, the U.S.A. and France. Between performance commitments, Kaisha shared her considerable talents working as a vocal coach and piano theory teacher.

Versatility is key to the success of any young artist. Kaisha is not only an accomplished singer and piano player, but she writes her own songs. Her songwriting garnered her a Gemini award as part of the Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale. Kaisha’s music runs the gamut from soul to reggae, from jazz to dancehall. Incorporating a fusion of slow- to up-tempo reggae and soul-influenced R&B, her songs lift you up through life’s downs with messages of love, hope and inspiration.

With this varied repertoire of experiences, she was ready to launch her solo career in 2009. She released her first demo recording, Undefined, in 2010, and became a fast favourite on local Caribbean radio stations. The popularity of “Heart of a NinJah” was just the opening she needed to focus on setting more singles free — a smart move that produced two more hits, “Clean Heart Order” and “Rise Above It”.

Her first feature album I Heart Reggae was unveiled in 2014 with two memorable events, I Heart Reggae Montreal and I Heart Reggae Toronto, which showcased local reggae artists and venues in each city. Kaisha followed up in 2015 with an appearance on Global News, and a party for the newly released single, “Speak To You” at downtown Montreal’s chic Time Supper Club.

There’s nothing quite like a live performance to bond an audience with an artist. Kaisha and her captivating voice have won over hearts in a long list of shows that include Afrofest, Trane Studio Jazz Lounge and Follow Your Instinct (a talent showcase) in Toronto. In her current home base of Montreal, she has poured her heart and soul into shows at Le Piano Rouge Lounge (where she was an in-house performer in 2012 and 2013), Club Soda, Belmont, Devi and Club Balattou among others.

Kaisha’s international appeal has taken her from open-mic night at Village Underground in NYC, to collaborating with British artists in London, and recording for her upcoming album with reggae musicians at Tuff Gong Studios in Jamaica. On the ground in Montreal, she continues to share her gifts as a music educator, holistic vocal health coach, and lead vocalist in a corporate band. She also sings and plays piano regularly at the House of Jazz in Laval.

Recently, her loyal fans have seen Kaisha branch out from her musical grounding into creating the I Heart Reggae clothing line. The items, made of all-natural fibres such as hemp and bamboo, are available to the general public at iheartreggae.ca.

Her music can be found on iTunes and Amazon, and through other digital outlets like Spotify. Fans can also find her on SoundCloud.com/kaishalee, or other social media by searching “kaishalee”.

Won a Gemini award for songwriting as part of the Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale (2006)
Performed at the inauguration of former US President Barack Obama (2009)
Launched full album, I Heart Reggae (2014)
Stole the show at Jamaica Association of Montreal’s Queens of Reggae (2016)
Opening act for I-Octane at Club Soda in Montreal (2016)
Shared the stage with the highly acclaimed Beres Hammond at Montreal International Reggaefest (2016)
Solo show in Quebec City (2016)
Performance and interview with Global News (2015)
Opening act for reggae star Etana (2015)
Opened for veteran reggae artist Luciano (2013)
Performed at the annual Rastafarian open-air celebration of Haile Selassi I (2011, Jamaica)
Opened for controversial poet Mutabaruka in Jamaica (2011)
Successful showcase in London, UK (2010)
Singles to Date
“Pirates In The Ship” (2010)
“Just To Be With You” (2010)
“Heart of a NinJah” (2010)
“Happy Holiday” (2010)
“3 Weeks” (2011)
“Prototype” (2011)
“Clean Heart Order” (2012)
“Rise Above It” (2013)
“Speak to You” (2014)
“Be Mine” (2015)
“Lift Your Soul Up” (2015)
“Look Cear In I ” (2015)
“Up” (June 2016)
“4GiveMySelf” (2016)
“Woman” (2016)

Up Next
New reggae and soul releases in 2017 and 2018
Assembling a team of jazz artists and producers to work on a jazz album







Kaysha Lee Itunes

(Refer to Discography below  for list of all Music.)






Round n Round Dec 2009

My Hearts Crying For You Jan 2010

Pirates in The Ship April 2010

Why Don’t Cha May 2010

Undefined MixDL Sept 2010

Undefined Untagged Demo cd Sept 2010

Happy Holiday Dec 2010

Happy Holiday Reggae Mix Dec 2010

3 Weeks March 2011

Take Me From Disgrace March 2011

Just To Be With You Video  April 2011

Do Do Do May 2011

Prototype June 2011

Heart of a NinJah Re-release June 2011

Juss Gwan Sept 2011

Rock In the Dancehall Oct 2011

War Wid Me Nov 2011

What Kinda Fruit Nov 2011

War Wid Me Jan 2012

God King March 2012

When I fall In Love/Waiting In Vain Video April 2011

Clean Heart Order Nov 2012

I Am Dec 2012

Walk In Love April 2013

This Love June 2013

Light Shall Rise June 2013

Free Your Mind June 2013

Rise Above It  September 2013

Speak To You September 2014 (released September 10th 2014 by DJ Talia on Jamaica #1 radio station Irie fm)

I Heart Reggae December 2014

Be Mine [ I Heart Reggae] Feb 2015



Present & Upcoming: Refer to list on the front page http://KaishaLee.com


Harlem Restaurant Toronto

Afro Fest Toronto

Irie Fest Toronto

Trane Studio Bar and Resto Toronto

University of Agriculture Jamaica (Opener for Mutabaruka)

Trench Town Rock Festival Jamaica

Suzie’s Bakery  soul night Jamaica

Club Soda Montreal (Opener for I-Octane)

Le Piano Rouge Lounge

Centre Philou fundraiser

Club Balattou – The Soul Of a Woman (Mar 2013)

Prophecy Izis Album Launch (April 2013)

Indie Rootz Label Launch (April 2013)

Opening act for Demarco Live in Montreal (May 2013)

Taste Of The Caribbean Food Festival (Montreal May 2013)

Le Vétiver Bistro Lounge (June 2013)

 St Lucia Cultural Association

 Jamaica day Montreal (July 2013)

 Luciano Live @ The Belmont Montreal (December 2013)

 Jingle Rock MCSO Montreal (December 2013)

 Chezidek Live @ The Belmont Montreal (December 2013)

MTL Jamaica Association (April 2014)

Richardson Rehabilitation Centre Apri 2014

A Taste Of The Carribean Food Festival (May 2014)

Mango Bay (May 2014)

MTL Transit Football Anthem Singer (Summer 2014)

AfroFest (July 2014)

MTL Jamaica day (July 2014) 

Montreal International Reggae Festival (August 2014) (Opener for Etana)

Culture Explosion (August 2014)

Chateaguay Horizon Black Community Association (September 2014)

MTL dub Session #12 (November 2014)

I Heart Reggae (December 2014)

Time Supper Club (January 2015)

Bob Marley Tribute Jamaica Association (Febuary 2015)

 I Heart Reggae @ Ascension TO (Febuary 2015)

 I Heart #Reggae w/ live band les Bobards (May 2015)

I Will Survive @ Le Belmont ( June 2015)

MTL Jamaica day (July 2015) 

 I Heart #Reggae in London, Ontario (July 2015)

Rythmes au Feminin @ Club Balattou (July 2015)

Harbourfront Festival Toronto (August 2015)

Calgary Reggae Festival (August 2015)

Montreal International Reggae Festival (August 2015)

“Lift Your Soul Up” video release (November 2015) 

Montreal International Reggae Festival (August 2016)

Queens of Reggae ( September 2016)

 District St-Joseph, Quebec City (October 2016)

I-Octane, Thatre Berri MTL (October 2016)



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